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Why Group Coaching for Breast Cancer survivors?

When I was going through diagnosis and treatment I felt like I began to lose my inner compass as I followed my marching orders over the course of 14 months. I was barraged with what to do and not to do to be healthy i.e. do your 10,000 steps, eat this, don’t eat that (not to mention being told on a weekly basis all the ways I could die). While I am infinitely grateful for life saving treatment, I noticed that I was becoming more and more fearful and disconnected from my inner knowing as my world got smaller and smaller. I felt isolated and I lost a sense of lightness, play, inspiration and agency as the leader of my own life.

A year after treatment, I recovered enough to move forward but I felt broken and I didn’t know how. I began a Life Coaching training program and it was through being introduced to the coach approach that I began to regain a sense of my own inner voice and the hope that lightness, play, joy and inspiration could become part of my experience again.

In BC Thrivers we want to provide a space where women can get out of isolation, feel deeply listened to and embrace a sense of agency and support in moving forward on their vision for a life that is meaningful and yes- FUN for them. Please contact us to see if this group is for you. In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October we are offering a sliding scale. Find out more at:

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