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BC Thrivers: Thriving after Breast Cancer 

A 6-week group coaching program that will help you thrive after breast cancer 

with Zoe Wright-Bell and Dyan Larmey

Are you at a place in your breast cancer survivorship journey where you are asking yourself, “Now what?” You’re ready to “get on with your life”, but things aren’t the same and you’re asking yourself, “What do I want the rest of my life to look like?”  

BC Thrivers is a group coaching experience where you will connect with other women who have walked a similar path. You will be supported to integrate your breast cancer experience while defining your vision for a rich and meaningful life that is in alignment with your values. This group is a space for you to be deeply listened to and to reconnect with your inner compass in a supportive and non-judgmental community.

Group coaching is not group therapy. It is a space where participants co-create the agenda and are guided in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires members to maximize their personal and professional potential. Members will identify goals and explore the resources and support that they need to move toward their authentic vision. 

Space is available for up to 8 participants.

Book a free call to explore if this group is for you.


Thrive in Community 

Support That Makes a Difference

Get in Touch
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Connect in Community with other Survivors

Connecting to your inner compass in the presence of community is a powerful way to gain the clarity and confidence to move forward.  BC Thrivers will provide you with the opportunity to cultivate supportive connections with other survivors who have travelled a similar path. You will be empowered to draw upon the collective wisdom of the group as you discover your own answers in a non-judgmental space.

Identify Goals and Get the Support to Reach Them

Having the opportunity to reflect on what you want and where you want to go is essential in building an intentional life that works for you. In this group you will explore what is most important to you and to identify goals to work toward. In addition, you will identify the connections and resources that will support you in overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and what you want. If you desire a space to explore your ideal life we'd love to speak with you.

Studying at Home
Crossing the River

Go Deeper with Personalized Support

Meeting with a coach one-on-one is a powerful way to go deeper into integrating the insights that you gain from the group experience. In this group you will have the opportunity to meet with Zoe or Dyan for a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session where you will explore a topic of your choosing.

Meet your coaches

Zoe Wright-Bell

After I completed breast cancer treatment, I longed for a community that would support me in integrating my experience as a survivor, but also help me build a new authentic inspiration-filled life that was in alignment with my values.

I struggled to find such a group. Some groups I attended were focused solely on the breast cancer experience. Others were focused on developing my life vision, but they didn't include a pathway to integrating the life-changing experience of being a cancer survivor.

As part of my new authentic life and commitment to living in alignment with who I am, I became a life coach. Inspiration struck, and we embarked on creating a group coaching experience specifically to turn breast cancer survivors into BC Thrivers. I look forward to connecting with you!

In addition to being a Coach, I facilitate Mindful Improvisation workshops to support people in accessing their creativity. I have been a teaching artist and performer with Playback Theatre Northwest, and have completed the LIfe Practice program through Interplay Seattle.  I have a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University and I am currently an International Coach Federation member and graduate of the ICF accredited Coach U Core Essentials Program.

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Dyan Larmey

In 2015, I found out I was positive for the BRCA-2 mutation. I was immediately placed under surveillance for breast cancer. While I had several friends and family members who had journeyed through breast cancer, no one in my world had been diagnosed with BRCA. Lonely and confused, I felt like I was a ‘mutant’ under ‘surveillance’. 

About six months after learning I was positive, I was biopsied and found to have breast cancer cells, stage 0. In October 2017, I had a bilateral mastectomy.

After physically healing from my surgery, I looked to find other women I could connect with that were forward-looking. My life felt so different, so I wanted a place to process my interior changes as well as my external ones. I wanted to exchange ideas about what life might look like in an unknown season. I never found one.  

But I did find coaching! I’ve been transformed by the coach approach and am especially eager to be a part of the team for this group of women who want to THRIVE after BC.  Coaching invites exploration and connection in a safe and productive format. This is the group I was looking for and I hope it will be for you too!


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Book a free call to explore if this group is for you!

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